Sass Mouth Dames Film Club series 26

Megan McGurk introduces a classic woman’s picture each Thursday in November.

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Get your sass booster with a programme full of gems!

Stage Door (1937)
Screens 2 November at 7.00
RKO’s biggest stars, Ginger Rogers and Katharine Hepburn, play rival roommates in a flawless picture directed by Gregory La Cava. Set in a theatrical boarding house among Broadway-hopefuls, the cast is full of ambitious scene stealers such as Eve Arden, Gail Patrick, Andrea Leeds, Lucille Ball, Ann Miller, Constance Collier, and Phyllis Kennedy. La Cava had his secretary record their delicious backstage sass by shorthand for use in the off-the-cuff script.

Back in Circulation (1937)
Screens 9 November at 7.00
Joan Blondell is the best newspaperman in skirts. When other reporters wonder how they lost the scoop, Joan brushes them off with a wisecrack: ‘I’m cute that way.’ If only the newspaper’s editor, Pat O’Brien, would give her a break from chasing front-page stories—at least long enough for a little between-the-sheets action. Horny and run off her feet, Joan sparkles in every scene. Ray Enright’s romantic comedy has flown under the radar, but it’s woman’s picture canon.

Love Is News, poster, Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Don Ameche, 1937. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Love Is News (1937)
Screens 16 November at 7.00
Society heiress Loretta Young decides she’s had enough of nosey reporters, particularly the one played by Tyrone Power. She plans revenge by giving a juicy exclusive to a rival columnist, which not only makes Ty look like a chump, it puts him in Dutch with his editor, played by Don Ameche. Loretta noted that director Tay Garnett laughed all the time, creating a fun atmosphere on the set, and it shows.

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife (1938)
Screens 23 November at 7.00
In the original French folk tale, a deranged husband murders his wives, one after another. Paramount’s cosmopolitan update benefits from the ‘Lubitsch Touch’ which borrows from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Once Claudette Colbert walks down the aisle with Gary Cooper, she learns he has a habit of changing his mind and filing for divorce. Before the groom gives her the gate, and she joins the ranks of seven ex-wives, Claudette concocts an inspired plan of reform.

When Tomorrow Comes (1939)
Screens 30 November at 7.00
Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer followed their box office hit Love Affair with this star-crossed romance between a waitress and a world-renowned musician. Boyer attends a union meeting just to hear Irene Dunne deliver a strike-calling speech to an assembly of harried and underpaid servers. Irene is swept away by the swoon merchant who listens so well. The only problem is, he’s already taken, as so often happens when an elegant stranger sits in your section for his lunch. Director John M. Stahl was a king of bittersweet melodrama.

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